why virtual mentors ?

I've never been a groupie but I've always had an admiration for certain celebrities and personalities. I don't consider them like gods, but just talented human beings who were able to figure out their calling in life. I have my own life experiences but I find myself learning from their experiences and well. I think this helps me become a better person. I find that watching certain media personalities offer me great life lessons. I'm no psychologist or psychic, I make my own conclusions based on my own experiences. So I might not be right all the time but this works for me (might work for someone else out there too).

I also learn from music. I love music. Music has always been a big companion in my life, I am so thankful to many talented artists for signing their heart out and working so hard to the point of exhaustion sometime to make a great show or a great album. This helps me trough the days wether I'm feeling happy, sad, angry, or more. They create the soundtrack of my life and make life so much better. I can't imagine a world without music. It would be so sad.

For some reason, I feel compelled to start this blog. I've been thinking about it for a while thinking it was silly, but what the heck. Here it is. If someone enjoys it good. If not, at least I was able to let it out. I guess it's my way of saying thank you to all of those I've seen or heard or read about but probably won't have a chance to say it face to face. And who knows? Maybe putting it out there will somehow send out positive energy their way, hopefully to those who need it. It's the least I can do.