23 Dec 2011

Beyonce motivates and inspires

Beyonce motivates and inspires me. Not only is she a moving and talented artist, she's got loads of insights she shares on a constant basis. I recently came across an excerpt of an interview she did for  Complex that inspired me yet again, especially the following quote:

Whenever I feel bad, I use that feeling to motivate me to work harder. I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself. People who complain really get on my nerves. When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me. " [Photo]

Genius! Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Aside from her art, I really feel this is the kind of stuff people should really be paying attention to. In any case, this is the kind of info, I'm like to pay attention to.  No more complaining from me! (Not that I complain a lot) It's a waste of time energy really.

"Inspiration is all around us every second of the day" [Photo]
The second quote that also grabbed my attention was : "Inspiration is all around us every second of the day". Basically telling me "Pay attention to your surroundings, you're missing things!"Love it!  Thank Beyonce for all your great the insights and inspirations.

7 Dec 2011

Motivated by Earl Nightigale

I came across this recording (see video below) of Earl Nightingale recently and I've had a paradigm shift. I discovered are so many great insights and advices in this 30 minute audio that I'm starting to see life in a new light and I feel even more inspired. Everyone should hear this. I had to share. Enjoy.

4 Dec 2011

Ludacris' wise words


I recently saw the movie Bling Ring, based on a true story, of some teens in LA who essentially stole various fashion items and cash directly from the homes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton in order to basically live in their shoes. I hadn't heard that story before, but according to Wikipedia, this happened back in 2008-2009.  I was pretty shocked to see this how far people go to live the "American Dream". Or more the "American Illusion". I was trying to wrap my head around how someone could do something like this and think it's okay to do this. Then I saw this quote from Ludacris's twitter earlier today that basically answered my question:
"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."
Sad but true. These teens are an extreme case, but they also emulate what a lot of people are doing nowadays (e.g. buying houses, clothing and weddings they can't afford). It's probably one of the reasons many people end up with serious financial problems. A lot of people want all the glitz and glamour but are unwilling to do the work it takes to get there. It's important to remember that none of the celebrities with staying power got to where they are without patience, sacrifices and/or a lot of hard work. 

30 Nov 2011

Alan Watt view on life

I love this little speech by Alan Watts. The first time I heard this, it really got me thinking : Am I really living fully or am I chasing the elusive carrot on a stick? It seems like our culture has created this mundane life journey that all of us must blindly follow even though it's not really what makes all of us happy. And as soon as one of us is brave enough to create our own path, others will start persecuting us for not doing the "right" thing (a.k.a what everybody else is doing). As a result, those of us who decide to follow our own path end up successful and happy and are often hated and criticized the sheep who end up wasting their own lives and not living to their full potential. 

Every so often, when I need a little reminder of how important it is to live life to the fullest, I like to watch and listen to this clip. There's also a great like by Drake Moment for life :  "I’m really tryn'a make it more than what it is, cause everybody dies but not everybody lives". 


16 Nov 2011

kelly rowland's wise words

I like Kelly Rowland. There's a lot to learn from someone like her. She's very talented but always seemed to come second back when Destiny's Child was out. When the members of Destiny's Child decided to go solo, it must have been nerve racking. But she's come a long way and it's great to see her blossom into a successful independent woman: Very inspiring. She recently did an interview with Stylist Magazine and there are two great quotes that resonated with me: 

1. If you pay attention to what somebody else is doing then you could be missing out on something you could be doing yourself. To me, it’s like watching a sprinter. They’re looking straight ahead because if they look from side to side, they will fall and fail. It’s important to look straight ahead.

That is so true!I guess there is a difference between looking up to people as an inspiration and looking at what other people do and what they have, wishing you had something similar. It's a waste of time. Not an easy thing to do as I think you can also end up admiring people and never doing something for yourself. I guess the important thing is to take action and do your own thing. I think that's basically what she did after Destiny's Child. Looks like it worked :). 

2. The world would be boring as hell if everybody looked alike, dressed alike, with the same body type.

Accepting that we are all different and that it's okay seem hard for a lot of people. Sometime I feel like everything around us is trying to mold us into an "ideal" homogenous mold. Going against the grain is not easy. As I'm getting older, I'm more and more comfortable being different and following my own dreams without worrying about what others think... most of the time. lol. Still working on it. 

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15 Nov 2011

life lesson from Calvin and Hobbes

I'm a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I used to read the comic books all the time. As I kid, reading them was just fun. Reading them as an adult, like the one above, brings new meaning. I find this one particularly inspiring : Wanting to have "the strength to change what [you] can, the inability to accept what [you] can't and the incapacity to tell the difference". To me that's the mind of someone who want to make a difference.

Those are great words to live by as opposed to the dictum where it was derived from saying "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference". To me these are the words of someone who always has an excuse and don't accomplish as much as he or she can. I imagined this and many other quotes from Bill Watterson (the author) probably helped shaped the person I am today. I do have a tendency to want to change things and not let the naysayers stop me from doing what I think is right. (just realized this as I'm writing this post). I'm very grateful to Bill Watterson for this, and the great snowmen ideas :)  

Isn't it fascinating and amazing that something as simple as a comic strip can influence someone's life?  

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4 Nov 2011

learning from elders


I'm a big fan of Andrew Zuckerman's 2008 book project called Wisdom where he interviewed and photographed several senior celebrities to learn from their experiences. This project is already 3 years old, but still very relevant. I think it's an important step in our evolution as human beings to learn from those who came before us and also pass on the information we have to those who come after us. I think I'm going to buy this book. There's a lot of insights just from the trailer.

My favorite quotes from this trailer ...






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1 Nov 2011

kris & kim : what happened?

It's was all over the tabloids : Kim and Kris are getting divorced. Most people saw it coming and therefore there were a lot of negative comments all over the internet. But why? It's not like if they are the first couple to split soon after they got married. I've seen weddings that didn't even last a month or two (and they were not celebrities). 

First of, I watch their show. I enjoy it but probably not for all the same reason a lot of people do. There are interesting things to learn from other people's experiences no matter who they are or what they do. So reality shows like the Kardashians just make it convenient for me. I also saw their wedding special on E.  And although I was hoping Kim and Kris would figure a way to work things out (everyone deserves to be happy), I could see from the wedding episode that there were a lot of red flags in their televised relationship. It's too bad, because part of me thinks that despite these cracks, if they had truly committed to one another, it could have worked. 

Within the first few minutes of the wedding special, you could see that communication and compromises were big issues. There were so many "red flag moments" that it would take forever to name them all so I picked out a few as examples from the first 10-15 minutes of the show: 

RED FLAG # 1 : Ignoring a fundamental problem. 
In a particular scene, Kris wanted a toned down wedding or perhaps a wedding that involved both of them as opposed to only her vision. From the location, the food, the theme, etc, everything was Kim's choice and everything Kris suggested was dismissed. Not only was it dismissed but Kim had her mom on her side and a whole team of wedding planners. The poor guy had no chance. Kim had a vision and no one was going to get in her way. So when Kris approached Kim with his concern she dismissed it.  After all, the wedding is the bride's day. 
Sounds familiar? She was behaving like many (if not most) brides-to-be all over America. The only difference is that she had a bigger budget. Unfortunately, this seem to have become the standard. You see this all the time. A lot of brides-to-be expect their wedding day to be the day they can be a princess and create their own lavish fantasy Cinderella ball. Whatever they want goes and the grooms to be just have to put up with it. It's a weird misconception of marriage in North America and the media feeds off it with TV shows like Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Wedding SOS, etc. They all encourage that behavior but ultimately people make their own decision. So it's not necessarily all of Kim's fault, she's also fallen victim of that scam where people forget that they are getting married as a symbol of commitment and love to one another. Everything around it, the location, the guests list, the cake, the dress, etc. All this doesn't matter. It's all fluff and distraction. You don't need the excuse of a wedding to throw the biggest party. Just throw the biggest party for a birthday instead!

In the previous scene what I saw was this : 

Kris : This is getting out of control. Why don't we refocus on the purpose of all this and make it more about us that what people expect?
Kim: What do you mean we have to lower our standards. I have a lot of pressure and a reputation to keep. People are comparing us to William and Kate. We can't mess this up. We'll figure us later.
Kris: I think we should slow down and talk about this 
Kim: I can't slow down, it' on. I don't want to talk about this right now. I have too much on my plate. The last thing I need is more problems to solve. Sorry. You have to toughen up. 

RED FLAG # 2 : Ignoring your gut feeling
At the rehearsal, everyone was tense. There's something to say about the energy that people bring into a room. Kim and Kris were both furious, they were smiling on the outside, but they were both boiling inside. And from the look of people's faces and behaviors, everyone was feeling it. Even the wedding planner was snappy! 

At this point there were a lot of unresolved issues that was just piling on top of one another and despite their smiles and jokes, bits of it was spilling out. That's where things like "Still gonna scream at you when you when I get a chance" from Kris and "Go for it. I'll fuckin' slice you" from Kim came out. Would two loving couple say that BEFORE they get married? 

But they were going through with it. I guess it's hard to shut everything down, specially when so much money and so many people are involved and waiting. I can only imagine what kind of pressure they were in. That must have sucked, big time. So despite their gut feeling telling them and showing us they should not go through with this, they did. To relieve the pressure of all that built up anger, they fired shot at each other by humiliating with a smile on Kim's part and not taking any of the stuff seriously on Kris' part. 

I bet Kim's family sensed that something was wrong. Kloe said it best. I also had the impression that Kim's mom was trying to lighten the mood and maybe bring more positive energy in the room.

RED FLAG # 3 : Ignoring each other
Ignoring each other when you're supposed to come together? At this point there was no more US in this union. And you can see this clearly in the "table arrangement scene" when Kim finds a "problem" because one of HIS friend had been assigned to HER table. Problem? If you're getting married, your friends are going to mingle, right? Isn't a wedding a got way to start mixing your friends? Not for this wedding unfortunately. I bet Kris was hurt. Some guys would have yelled, others would have talked, he decided to leave. The best thing would have been to talk openly and honestly. Instead, it just added more on the list of things they were both angry about. 
This continued all the way to the rehearsal dinner. The anger turned into hate (at least from Kim's side) and Kris was just avoiding the bad energy, but he also did things to egg her on. His last "plea" for Kim to give him a bit of time (the mustache) went unnoticed. Perhaps she was also distracted by the many little things he was doing to annoy her, like eating food out of the plate with his hands. She was cringing. Of course it would have been better to actually talk things out than just grow a mustache. Maybe it's a maturity thing? Again, lack of communication and lack of compromise made things worst.  And the "friends" kept their poker face the whole time. I don't know how close friends these people were, but if these were my friends, I would hope that I would have said something. It's not normal to hate your significant before you get married. 

At the end, even though they were still mad at each other and things were unresolved, they managed to sweep it under the table and come together on the surface. 

RED FLAG # 4 : Lack of commitment and deceit
The whole name change thing was big for Kris. There was a scene before where Kim told Kris that she would take his name. It was just the two of them. They were happy and looked like they were in love. Then she told her mom who freaked out and brought out the business. So the seed of doubt was implanted. She came back to Kris and said, she spoke to her family and think it might be better for her to keep her name. Of course he was crushed and hurt. But again, instead of discussing this with him she sort of made a half decision with her family (Not the best way to start a married life together). At the end of the day, it's her choice, but I think it would have been better to discuss it with him first and come to a decision together.

In any case, the final decision on the name change came the day they had to sign their marriage license and that's when he found out (ouch!). So they never discussed it, even though that was important to him. I'm assuming that was a big blow and brought a larger wedge between the two. 
So they went through with the wedding, the photos, the celebrity friends. All of it was a good distraction from all the tension that had built up from unresolved issues. Then the party was over, and they probably had to face all these issues and more. Don't know what happened (Perhaps we'll find out on the next season), but it must have not been pretty to the point where they were seen separately at different functions and had to explain each of them. And, if the rumors are true about how the divorce happened, he found out through the media (see a trend here?)

You know the funny thing is that, I still think that depending on why and how they fell in love, things could work themselves out if they really want to. After all, love is not a passive word, it's an active word. It's like a plant, you have to take care of it for it to grow, otherwise, it just dies. Her sister Kourney and brother in law Scott, are a great example showing that if you are truly committed and you working on your relationship, it can grow. 

I wish them the best whether it's together or apart and hope that they learned from this, because when you know better, you do better. 

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31 Oct 2011

words I never said

Lupe Fiasco's song called "Words I Never Said" (featuring Skylar Grey) is one of the songs I really listened to because it has great quotes and words to live by. The video is very creative, I particularly like the use of the masks. I think it represents people accepting being silenced and not voicing their concerns or opinions. 

The main message I got from this song is the importance to speak out. There are so many instances where you think you should have said something but didn't for whatever reason and you end up regretting it, especially when in comes to injustices. It's easier not to speak out and go against the grain but this could lead to really tragic consequences depending on the situation. Below are photos of my favorite quotes from this song.  

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29 Oct 2011

dancing brings joy

I've been following Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN for the past three weeks (I encourage you to watch it too, it's a very valuable show) and fridays are Joy Rising days: a day where we get to see and experience pure joy. Even miles away through the television, you get to experience and share the joy. I guess it's that powerful. This time it was about viewers being surprised with a trip to Australia. They were hysterical and it definitely made me smile. I had an "aha moment" when Oprah explained that at the end of the day, it's not about the material things the viewers get but about the feeling you get, the joy. That's what people are really looking for. 

This got me thinking about an old YouTube video called "Where the Hell is Matt?" that brought me tears of joy when I saw it the first time. It still does too. There was this guy making a video of himself awkwardly dancing in different parts of the world, when suddenly a mass of people joined in to dance with him. It is beautiful to see and you can't help but feel happy. It didn't matter the age, race, social status, they were all having the brief moment of joy. What a beautiful thing experience even through the web. 

So here it is. I hope this bring you joy too. 

27 Oct 2011

move . eat . learn

I love traveling. I find it inspiring and rejuvenating. When you're in a new country of even just a new city, there's so much to discover. Traveling is such a great opportunity to learn new things about how other people live their lives, what they eat, what they do for fun, etc.  It also enables you to discover new things about yourself as you're not distracted by the many stresses of your daily life, and new way of doing things. You're also able to touch peoples lives and vice-versa in a positive way. I really believe that if people travelled more, the world would be a better place. 

The following short films were made by 3 guys on a 44-day trip in 11 countries pretty much illustrates that. They definitely inspire me not only to travel more but to travel better. They inspire me to be a bit more adventurous, to pay more attention to the little things and the locals. Entitled Move, Eat and Learn they showcase a young man walking in different cities, trying different foods, and learning different things. 

the real 1% in north america

I'm one of those who don't get the whole "we are the 99%" commotion. I'm sure there are exceptions, but at the end of the day, people make their own decisions and should take full responsibility for their choices.  We're lucky to live in a society where we can make choices, we have a voice and, depending how much we're willing to sacrifice and work for it, we can be whoever we want to be. As far as I'm concerned, the guy in this video represents the 1% so many people seem to be angry at. I consider this guy a mentor.

25 Oct 2011

motivated by chef gordon ramsay

I'm a big fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay. I often find myself watching his shows mainly to learn more about his impressive work ethic and skills, and to pick up some tips here and there about cooking great food. I love his no nonsense approach to things and how he's so knowledgeable about his craft. It's inspiring because I'm planning to be as knowledgeable as him about my own craft, and perhaps even more in the near future. I find that very often, people like him are considered to be the "bad guy" because he says it like it is. I admire that. I wish I was more like that and I wish more people were like that too. It would make life so much easier. Granted you don't necessarily have to yell all the time, but just cut the bullshit. I'm not quite there, but I'm working on it. I think it has to do with wanting to be more honest for myself and realizing (finally) that not everyone has to agree with me and like me, and I'm okay with that. 

I watched many of his shows and one thing he said once, I think it was during and interview really just stucked in my head : 
I have a very assertive way. It's wake up, move your ass or piss off home. I maintain standards and I strive for perfection. That level of pressure is conveyed in a very bullish way and that's what cooking is all about.
I think that's what life is all about. Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing much I find myself remembering this quote, specially : "wake up, move your ass or piss off home!" to shake me up a bit and helps me get back on track because I believe that if I let myself become lazy, life will pass me by and I'll regret it in the future because there's so much opportunities out there, it would be a shame not to test as many as possible. 

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will smith inspires me

I grew up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. The shows and videos were always fun to watch and listen too.  I actually learned many life lessons from them that I probably subconsciously integrated into my life.  But I remember a particular moment, when I was candidly watching an interview with some actors about a movie with Will Smith.  What caught my attention what what these actors said about him and how they said it. I believed it. They said things like  "He lights up the room when he comes on set", "He's so fun to work with, a favorite", "His positive energy is infectious on set and he makes the work environment so much more enjoyable". I remember thinking: "Wow! He must be a really great guy in real life. What a great role model." And to this day, when I see him on TV or in a magazine, I have this thought in the back of my head somehow.

I recently came across this compilation of interviews with Will Smith I had never seen before and I feel I got a better glimpse of what these actors were talking about then. This is the kind of person I would love to meet and be around. The type of person that inspires and motivates you to become better.

I had a lot of "aha" moments listening to this clip :

  • "Greatness truly exist in all of us." It's true! I believe it. I always believed this for myself but always wondered how to tap into it (that's where the Oprah Lifeclasses are helping me a lot! I'm on my way). I also believe it's true for other people as well. The thing is it takes lots of effort and a lot of work. We have to be willing to put in the effort in becoming great. Besides you don't get to get to "great" without going through "alright". There's a process to it. 

  • "This is what I believe and I'm willing to die from it. Period!" My first reaction when I heard this was that it was a bit extreme for me. I'm just not there yet. But I think I'm starting to understand. Bare with me on this, but if you believe and truly understand that EVERYTHING in the universe is energy and that energy can not be created nor destroyed, than what's the point of being afraid to die? I'm not there yet, but there's something logical about that statement to me. Go figure. 

  • "You don't set out to build a wall (...) You don't start there. You say 'I'm gonna lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid'. And you do that every single day and soon you'll have a wall" That was an "aha" moment for me. More like a Why-the-heck-didn't-I-think-about-it-that-way-before kind of moment. I've always been one to focus on the end results as opposed the the work it takes to get there. And then I soon get disappointed that I'm not there yet and wonder why I'm doing it in the first place. A good example many can relate to is my trying-to-be-more-fit moments. It's been on my to do list for years. I never focused on just doing the right thing every single day to get there. No wonder I'm not there yet! And this way of thinking can be applied in many areas of my life. 

  • "I want to do good. I want the world to be better because I was there." & "If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time" This one is an easy one for me. I naturally try to make things better for me and the people around me. The main challenge for me is not to let people get me down for doing this. Sounds odd,  but if you're the type that always try to make things better, which implies making changes, you know you're going to get people almost going against you for disturbing the status quo, forcing changes. Not everyone is comfortable to change, yet it's necessary.  

  • "You have to believe it. There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A", "The second I decide it's done. It's already done. It's just now we just gotta wait for y'all to see"  and from Confucius :"He who says he can't and he who says he can are both usually right." Powerful words that make so much sense. Many, if not all, of the people I admire and get inspired by said at one point in an interview that they believed in their dream, they dreamed of it and they achieved it. People like Eminem, Jim Carrey, Tyler Perry, Nicky Minaj, Oprah, Lady Gaga, and many many more. 

  • "Talent, you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.  [...] I've never considered myself as particularly talented but where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethics." It goes back to the fact that nothing comes easy and that there are no shortcuts to success. It takes A LOT of work. That's one of the reason why even when I don't like what a particular artist is doing, I have total respect for them because they didn't get to where they are by being lazy and complaisant. You can't hate that! I certainly can't.  The lazy ones don't last. They disappear and become irrelevant. The hard working ones do and become legends like Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc. An example from today's culture that comes to my mind is Lil Wayne. I remember when he was starting to become more and more popular, he was on e-v-e-r-y top video clips I saw on TV, collaborating with so many people from different genres. I just thought "Wow! This guy just doesn't stop! He works so hard! No wonder he's doing so good. He's everywhere!" And look how successful he became. When he's on a track, you know it's going to be good and it's going to sell. I often wonder when he's added to the remix of an existing song, if they called him to save the song and help increase sales. He's that good. I even decided to emulate his work ethics with my first business venture. I was like : "I have to work like Lil Wayne to become successful. I have to be everywhere."And it worked! It did! The only problem is that I was not using my skills as I thought I would with this venture and therefore, as time went on, inspiration and motivations started decreasing and I was no longer happy, despite the increasing success. Now that I'm taking the Lifeclasses, I actually realized that this current business of mine was a compromise to at least get out of my old 9 to 5 job. I don't regret it as it was a necessary step. My job was dragging me in the opposite direction. By branching out, which took a lot of courage, I was able to start on my own and see what I am capable of.  I'm glad I did and learned many things from it. Now it's time for the next step.

  • "Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic? What's the point of being realistic? " This is my favorite quote on this clip. This tells me that EVERYTHING is possible. It encourage me to continue to pursue bigger things.  If we all were realistic in our thoughts, we would all still be in living in caves hunting to survive, afraid of eclipses, not realizing how big our world is, not knowing that there are billions of solar systems with planets and possible life, not finding cure to many diseases, etc. It's just great stuff. 

So here's the video. I'm sure it will inspire many of you to live the best life you possibly can just as it did for me. 

Also, I want to share this video of his daughter, Willow Smith, during a creative session. It's really cute to see when great ideas just come to her. Yup! Even the younger ones inspires me. There's no age limit to greatness. You can be great at 2 years old or 100 years old.  This time for me, the inspiration comes from her ability to express herself and listen to her inner voice so that she can be creative and unique  without any barriers or boundaries. She's so focused on what she's working on. It's just great to see.

So thank you Will Smith for all your hard work and dedication and for being such a great role model and mentor. Thank you for sharing so many insights and lessons with many of us so far and for the many more that will come our way wherever your are.

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24 Oct 2011

visionaries on OWN

Thank you OWN! I recently started watching Visionaries on the Oprah Winfrey Network and I'm addicted. Are you? This is definitely my kind of TV show! There are so many tips and tricks I can get from these great mentors. I even started to take notes as a watch the shows.

I have to admit, I always secretly wished I could just be around certain of my favorite celebrities and just learn from them. I even think that (based on what I've seen and read) some could be great friends I can relate to and feel I could also be a great friend to some as well (silly isn't it? Ah well. It is what it is). I think that probably one of the reasons I like reality shows, interviews and documentaries so much, you get to meet the human being behind the image.  For me it also gives me an opportunity to become their virtual apprentice for a little while.

There are only 5 episodes featuring Tyler Perry, Tom Ford,, Annie Lebowitz and James Cameron. I'll post about each episode in the future. Tyler Perry's episode aired last Sunday and Tom Ford episode aired today. Fantastic shows! Here's below is the official trailer of the show.

Even from the trailer I got great insights : 

Tyler Perry - “Part of it at the beginning was I was running from poverty.” What I get from that is that poverty should be a motivation to reach higher grounds and not an excuse. 

Tom Ford - “Sometimes I have moments when it’s sort of like everything is frozen, everything is absolutely clear and you can feel rather than think”. What I get from that is that you have to allow yourself to feel thing to find your true passion.

James Cameron - “Whatever I’m doing always seems like a quest to learn something. A lot of stuff come to me in dreams and I remember it”. What I get from that is that your gift comes from within but you have to be attentive to find it. - “When you’re not thinking of stuff and things come to you, that’s when you got the magic sauce". What I get from that is that you can't force things but don't worry, they will come. Just be attentive. 

Annie Lebowitz - “You don’t stop. It doesn’t turn off and on like a faucet”. What I get from that is that you can't put a timer on creativity and passion. It's not a 9 to 5 job is who you are. 

For me this comes at such a right moment. (That and the Oprah's Lifeclasses). I'm at the point in my career where I feel I'm waking up and I'm trying to figure out where I should be heading. It's a bit like the inception movie. I woke up once a couple years ago and made positive changes. I grew and now I feel like I'm waking up again. It's a little scary but exciting at the same time. So I'm trying to find clues and I'm taking tips from people I look up to. 

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20 Oct 2011

A great couple is a team

Whether you agree with their policies or not you can deny the love that shines from Michelle and Barack's presence. Every time I see a picture of them together it makes me smile. I get a strong sense that they are really in this together and they are great support to one another. I don't even need to hear them talk, I just need to see how they interact with one another and that's great to see. I wonder if they realize that the love that they seem to have for one another is an inspiration to many and probably help make the world a better place. Not because of their title but how they interact as human beings.

The way he looks at her with such pride and admiration. Which women wouldn't want that? Of course to get to that point you have to work at it and you have to choose the right man for you. I'm sure she worked hard (and probably still does) to get to that point where she can make herself, her husband proud and strangers like me proud. 

I like that during that event Obama said that he "married his cute wife to improve his gene pool". I'm sure that made her feel love and appreciated.

These pictures (1) were taken during a 3-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia