27 Oct 2011

move . eat . learn

I love traveling. I find it inspiring and rejuvenating. When you're in a new country of even just a new city, there's so much to discover. Traveling is such a great opportunity to learn new things about how other people live their lives, what they eat, what they do for fun, etc.  It also enables you to discover new things about yourself as you're not distracted by the many stresses of your daily life, and new way of doing things. You're also able to touch peoples lives and vice-versa in a positive way. I really believe that if people travelled more, the world would be a better place. 

The following short films were made by 3 guys on a 44-day trip in 11 countries pretty much illustrates that. They definitely inspire me not only to travel more but to travel better. They inspire me to be a bit more adventurous, to pay more attention to the little things and the locals. Entitled Move, Eat and Learn they showcase a young man walking in different cities, trying different foods, and learning different things. 

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