20 Oct 2011

A great couple is a team

Whether you agree with their policies or not you can deny the love that shines from Michelle and Barack's presence. Every time I see a picture of them together it makes me smile. I get a strong sense that they are really in this together and they are great support to one another. I don't even need to hear them talk, I just need to see how they interact with one another and that's great to see. I wonder if they realize that the love that they seem to have for one another is an inspiration to many and probably help make the world a better place. Not because of their title but how they interact as human beings.

The way he looks at her with such pride and admiration. Which women wouldn't want that? Of course to get to that point you have to work at it and you have to choose the right man for you. I'm sure she worked hard (and probably still does) to get to that point where she can make herself, her husband proud and strangers like me proud. 

I like that during that event Obama said that he "married his cute wife to improve his gene pool". I'm sure that made her feel love and appreciated.

These pictures (1) were taken during a 3-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia

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