16 Nov 2011

kelly rowland's wise words

I like Kelly Rowland. There's a lot to learn from someone like her. She's very talented but always seemed to come second back when Destiny's Child was out. When the members of Destiny's Child decided to go solo, it must have been nerve racking. But she's come a long way and it's great to see her blossom into a successful independent woman: Very inspiring. She recently did an interview with Stylist Magazine and there are two great quotes that resonated with me: 

1. If you pay attention to what somebody else is doing then you could be missing out on something you could be doing yourself. To me, it’s like watching a sprinter. They’re looking straight ahead because if they look from side to side, they will fall and fail. It’s important to look straight ahead.

That is so true!I guess there is a difference between looking up to people as an inspiration and looking at what other people do and what they have, wishing you had something similar. It's a waste of time. Not an easy thing to do as I think you can also end up admiring people and never doing something for yourself. I guess the important thing is to take action and do your own thing. I think that's basically what she did after Destiny's Child. Looks like it worked :). 

2. The world would be boring as hell if everybody looked alike, dressed alike, with the same body type.

Accepting that we are all different and that it's okay seem hard for a lot of people. Sometime I feel like everything around us is trying to mold us into an "ideal" homogenous mold. Going against the grain is not easy. As I'm getting older, I'm more and more comfortable being different and following my own dreams without worrying about what others think... most of the time. lol. Still working on it. 

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