20 May 2012

The Modern Day Romeo and Juliet Story

George Takei recently posted this video on his facebook page, and I could not stop crying, wondering how can people be so cruel? This is essentially a modern version of the Romeo and Juliet story: Two young souls who were lucky enough to find love. Unfortunately some family members didn't approve of their love.  Soon after, tragedy and unnecessary suffering ensued. Why? Because instead of Romeo and Juliet it was Shane and Tom. 

Tom's family violently disapproved of their relationship, despite the fact that their own son was truly happy, as you can see in the video above. He had found a companion for life, a business partner, a friend, a soulmate. It's hard not to see their connection in the videos. But it seems like that was not enough for Tom's family because Shane essentially didn't have the right body type!  

When Tom tragically passed away, Shane was left with nothing, no information on what happened to his partner, no rights to attend his funeral, nothing.  Despite the fact that they lived together for years, shared a mortgage, a business, a dog, they were considered roommates. And Tom's family didn't want Shane anywhere near. He never even had a chance to attend his soulmate's funeral. How heartless is that!? I was shocked. This is why gay marriage should be legal. No one should have to go through something like this. It's just not right. 

It's unfortunate that so many people in this day and age forget the fact that we are all souls inside a human body and it's the soul that matters, not the type of vehicle that carries our soul. 

It doesn't matter how "religious" or "holy" you think you are, if you have no compassion for a story like this you fail to understand the basic principles of life. You're still in spiritual pre-school. How else do you explain a father threatening his own son's life with a gun? 

All you need is love. 
You don't need to agree or even understand their relationship.  
You just need to love and let love be.

So what can you do? Spread the word, open your hearts and listen to your own heart NOT random illogical external indoctrinations. Support equality, support love, support human rights and let's contribute to make this world of ours a better place.

For more on this matter you can check out Shane's facebook page and also give him some love on his twitter page. I can't imagine how painful this must have been and probably still is. So I'm sure the extra love won't hurt. Good thing he had a loving family to support him and as a result he's doing great things that will most likely keep many from committing suicide. Thankfully Obama seems to be moving in the right direction. Hopefully America is ready to grow a little more.

If you ever read this post Shane, I would like to say thank you for being your true self despite the pain and suffering that comes with it. I wish and suspect great things will come to you as a result of this. There's no way putting so much positive energy and love won't come back tenfold to you. I wish you the best and I'm rooting for you :) 

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